Top 3 Best Hybrid Mobile App Frameworks 2017 – Key Points

Top 3 Best Hybrid Mobile App Frameworks 2017 – Key Points

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Is Android & IOS are only the platform for Developing Mobile apps?? Nowadays Simply the answers are “NO”. For Now, In the scenario, the Hybrid apps are getting much popularity in the world.

What are Hybrid apps & Why so Popular?

A Hybrid app is one that means (combinations of both native and Web applications). In the era of mobile computing, hybrid apps are famous.

Suppose you need to Develop a mobile application for multiple platforms so what technology will you use? Simply the many answers can arise like Android, Ios etc.

But which one is best for suitability, maintenance, faster, Under the less cost effort. So Hybrid apps are best for these words.

When you are going to develop app across multiple platforms (iOS, Android, etc.), the same HTML components you can use for different mobile OS.

Now, I am going to Introduce with top 3 Hybrid mobile app development frameworks to Build a Mobile app with HTML5, css3, and JavaScript.

As we all know that Mobile apps are getting much popular in the Market. and getting higher recommended by the clients as well.Nowadays you can find bundles of mobile apps on google play store & iTunes market and simply you can install to your devices.If you aware of the basics for how to Built a website and few things about JavaScript so you can easily able to understand that how easily we can build the mobile apps as well.

Here is the TOP 3 Hybrid mobile app Frameworks:-


Technology shouters -phonegap

PhoneGap is becoming the most popular and Best cross-platform framework for mobile hybrid application development in 2017.With PhoneGap, you can reuse your basic web development skills to quickly Build Hybrid applications with HTML, CSS, & JavaScript for multiple platforms. no matter what devices your audience is using.

Apache Cordova applications generally use HTML5 and CSS for their rendering and JavaScript for their logic.

Getting Started with PhoneGap

#2-Mobile Angular UI

Technology Shouters - Mobile Angular UI

Mobile Angular UI is one of the famous HTML5 frameworks which uses Bootstrap 3 and AngularJS to create interactive & dynamic mobile apps.

Key features of Mobile AngularUI Hybrid Framework:

Mobile Angular UI is a UI framework simply like Sencha Touch or jQuery Mobile

1. Includes AngularJS
2. Includes Bootstrap 3
3. Bootstrap 3 Components
–Including Switches, sidebars scrollable areas and much more

4. AngularJS modules like angular-route, angular-animate & angular-touch

Getting Started with Mobile angualr UI

#3-IONIC Framework

Technology shouters- ionic frameworks

IONIC is one of the most popular HTML5 Hybrid application frameworks. Generally Built using AngularJS and Sass, It uses JavaScript MVVM framework It also provides the Bundles of UI Components to Make interactive applications.

Some Key points About Ionic Framework

1.Includes HTML5, AngularJS, Typescript.
2.Ionic is the free & open source MOBILE SDK for Developing progressive Web apps & native web apps.
3.Ionic offers the excellent native app components for Developing high and real time interactive native apps.

4.Truly Cross-Platform Framework: Building progressive web apps and native mobile apps for every app store with one codebase.

5.Massive worldwide community & well Documentation

Getting Started with Ionic


So, as a result, we can see we have many options to Develop fast, native & progressive web apps. If you know very well to work with HTML5, JS so you can easily learn to build progressive web apps.

Krishna Gupta

Krishna Ballabh Gupta is a Gold Medalist Full Stack Developer & Algorithm Designer and Founder of TechnologyShouters. He generally Blogs about Python, JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS, Database, PHP, AJAX and something that interesting.

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