Hack your eLitmus pH Test 2017-18  | Tips , Test Pattern, Test Centers

Hack your eLitmus pH Test 2017-18 | Tips , Test Pattern, Test Centers

Hello folks, Krishna Gupta here from Technology Shouters. Today I am going to share here some syllabus points for Elitmus pH test 2017. Also will Discuss How you can Hack your eLitmus pH Test In which you need to major focus, Hope this will help you to crack your elitmus sections and you will definitely land into your dream job.

Believe me Guys if you qualify this test. you don’t need to do anything after that will surely have a good package from reputed companies. so be tuned be strong be motivate for that.

eLitmus is the popular India’s largest assessment and recruitment company for entry level engineers that provide facility to get dream jobs for candidates in various MNC Organizations. Headquarters in India, HSR Layout, Bengaluru, Bengaluru and founded in Founded: 2005.

It also provides helps to the Organizations as well to hire talent and knowledge candidates.

Elitmus Syllabus pH Test 2017-18: What Points you need to Major Focus.

#1. Quantitative Aptitude Syllabus for elitmus pH Test 2017

–- Geometry (At least 3 Questions)

— Probability ( 2 Questions)

–- Permutation Combination (2 Questions)

–- Number Systems (4 Questions)

–- Equations (1-2 Questions)

–- Geometric and Harmonic Progressionsn, Arithmetic — AP, GP (1-2 Questions)

–- Logarithms (1 Question)

–- Percentage (1 question), sometimes asked.

–- Speed, Time and Distance (1-2 Questions)

–- Time and Work (1-2 Questions)

–- Mixture and allegation (1 question)

you must need to get the good score from the following topics for secure the good percentaile. a very good score (above 90 percentile).

–- Probability

–- Permutation and Combination

–- Number Systems

–- Geometry

Here are the expected percentile based on marks you will get:

And you score more than 60 marks, then You will get good percentile 95-100 Percentile.

— 60 marks ~ 95+ percentile

— 50 marks ~ 90 percentile

— 40 marks ~ 80 percentile

— 30 marks ~ 70 percentile

#2. Latest Syllabus for Problem Solving Section of Elitmus pH test 2017-18:

— Arrangement Based Problems

— Bar Graphs/Pie Charts

— Data Tabulation based Questions

— crypt arithmetic Problem

Six groups of questions may be ask in this section:

– First group contains 4 question from on data interpretation

– Second and third group contains 2 questions each based upon a paragraph

– Fourth group contains 4 questions from on data sufficiency

– Fifth group contains 5 questions from on data interpretation

– Sixth group contains 3 questions from on crypt arithmetic concept.

And if you score more than 60 marks, You will get 95-100 Percentile.

— 60 marks – 95+ percentile.

— 50 marks – 90 percentile.

— 40 marks – 80 percentile.

— 30 marks – 70 percentile.

#3. Verbal Ability Syllabus for elitmus pH Test 2017-18.

— Reading Comprehension

— Questions Related To Grammaer based.

— Paragraph Based Questions

— Fill In The Blanks.

If you score more than 100, be sure to get above 90 percentile.

— 100 marks – 90 percentile

— 90 marks – 85 percentile

— 80 marks – 80 percentile

— 70 marks – 70 percentile

— 60 marks – 60 percentile

Latest Date for Elitmus Test 2017-18

LocationTest dateLast date to ApplyAction
7th October
Dehradun7th, October2nd, OctoberApply
8th October
Ahmedabad8th, October3rd, OctoberApply
Bhopal8th, October3rd, OctoberApply
Bhubaneswar8th, October3rd, OctoberApply
Chandigarh8th, October3rd, OctoberApply
Hubballi8th, October3rd, OctoberApply
Madurai8th, October3rd, OctoberApply
Vijayawada8th, October3rd, OctoberApply
15th October
Bengaluru15th, October13th, OctoberApply
Chennai15th, October13th, OctoberApply
Delhi15th, October13th, OctoberApply
Hyderabad15th, October13th, OctoberApply
Jaipur15th, October13th, OctoberApply
Kolkata15th, October13th, OctoberApply
Lucknow15th, October13th, OctoberApply
Mumbai15th, October13th, OctoberApply
Pune15th, October13th, OctoberApply
22nd October
Bhubaneswar22nd, October17th, OctoberApply
Dehradun22nd, October17th, OctoberApply
Indore22nd, October17th, OctoberApply
Kochi22nd, October17th, OctoberApply
Mangaluru22nd, October17th, OctoberApply
Nagpur22nd, October17th, OctoberApply
Tiruchirappalli22nd, October17th, OctoberApply
29th October
Bengaluru29th, October27th, OctoberApply
Chennai29th, October27th, OctoberApply
Delhi29th, October27th, OctoberApply
Hyderabad29th, October27th, OctoberApply
Kolkata29th, October27th, OctoberApply
Lucknow29th, October27th, OctoberApply
Mumbai29th, October27th, OctoberApply
Pune29th, October27th, OctoberApply

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