Angular 5 is finally released and now, the first step of any developer would be sure for Installation, AS we all know Angular is front end javascript framework. If you are familiar with angular 2 OR 4 then angular 5 would be to easy to learn. it’s quite same still if you have no experience with angular’s previous version just start with Angular 5.

If You’re going to Install Angular 5 on your PC make sure that these things are already installed on your system :

— Node.js

— Node Package Manager (NPM)

Checkout How to Install Angular 4 On Ubuntu and Upgrade guides

To check whether you have both of these installed or not, run your command line or console and type:

$ node -v

$ npm -v

If these command will not work and does not recognized then please install the nodejs and package manager from the official website.

#1: Installing Angular 5 through the CLI

Angular CLI (Command Line Interface) is easiest way to install angular 5 on your system.

$ npm install @angular/cli -g

If you want to check the version of angular cli then you can run the command.

$ ng -v

To install Angular 5 through the CLI just write

$ ng new my-new-project --style=scss --routing

Here we want to use the CSS to use the Sass compiler

–routing tells the CLI to provide us with the routing scaffolding

you can change directory into your new project folder. To do that, simply type:

 $ cd my-new-project


serve your project in the browser

$ ng serve

Now, You have a fresh copy of Angular 5 and almost ready and waiting for you to development.

Now, if you wanted to set up your new Angular 5 project to work with the Sass styling,

So, you can run the following command for all setup.

$ ng new projectName --style=scss    (or --style=sass)

if you wanted to combine project with Sass support and routing. then you can do like in this way.

$ ng new projectName --style=scss --routing

#2:- Installing Angular 5 without the CLI

Download Angular Quickstart and Once downloaded,
extract all of the folders and file to a your new project folder.

Once all finished just run the command.

$ npm install

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