Moltran Admin Dashboard with Multiple features, components and panels free download 2018

Moltran is a Modern featured premium awesome admin template built with the Modern Web Technologies like Bootstrap 3.3.6, HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery. This Admin panel has beautiful theme contains many panels and features that help a lot for a web developer to create easily the customizations and built the own admin panel. If you are going to build an admin panel in right scenario so it consumes a lot of time. you can use such awesome beautiful fully featured admin panel and dashboard for saving your maximum time to create such designs.

Responsive Admin Dashboard Template - technology shouters
Image :- Moltran Admin dashboard

Moltran Admin panel FEATURES:

— Built with Bootstrap 3.3.6, HTML5 & CSS3
— Fully Responsive and comes in 6 Colors.
— Cross-browser Compatible
— Todo App and Chat application
— Complete Working Calendar
— 50+ Pages
— 40+ Plugins
— Responsive Data tables.
— Awesome beautful push and Alerts
— Pricing Table
— Gallery supported
— Range Slider
— Form Wizard for creating forms.
— Dropzone File Upload
— X-editable
— Select2 select plugin
— Notifications features design.
— Nestable lists
— Maintenance and coming soon and error page designs.

Free Download Moltran Admin Dashboard Green

Free Download Moltran Admin Dashboard Blue

Here is some resources used in Moltran Bootstrap admin template.

— Bootstrap 3.3.6
— Jquery
— Font-Awesome icons
— Animate.css for cool animations
— Wow.js
— Alerts
— Form Validator
— Tags Input autocomplete
— Toggles
— Bootstrap-time picker for pick the time
— Data table
— Nicescroll
— Full Calendar
— Bootstrap Colorpicker for pick the colors
— Multi-select
— Select2 plugin for search record in multiple records.
— Bootstrapvalidator
— Dropzonejs and jquery steps
— Cropper
— Chartjs
— Gmaps
— Vector Maps
— Flot-charts
— Ion-Slider
— Magnific-Popup
— Email-template like Gmail
— Simple-text-rotator
— Codepen
— Jquery.countdown.js
— Waves Effect
— background image on the profile.
— Image on profiles

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