TCS Technical Interview Questions and Answers – PDF DOWNLOAD

TCS Technical Interview Questions and Answers – PDF DOWNLOAD

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TCS Technical Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers | Campus recruitment – PDF DOWNLOAD

TCS(Tata Consultancy Services Limited) is an Indian Multinational information technology Organization, & Asia’s largest Information Technology company Headquartered in Mumbai. It is a Brand of the Tata Group. It is One of the Popular Global Leader in IT Services, Technology and Digital Market and Operates in 46 countries.

TCS Eligibility Criteria:

— 60% or above in B.Tech.
— Less than 2 years gap in education period.
— No Active Backlog.

TCS Rounds for Selection Process:

#1.Written Test

Interview Rounds:

#A:Technical Interview
#B: HR Interview

Here I am telling you most of the Common Technical Interview Questions by the Technical interviewer during Interview Round.


Be Strong with Your Technical Core Subjects Basics

— What is malloc?
— What is the function of Transport layer?
— What is paging?
— What is Pointer?
— What is Normalization?
— What is linked list?
— What is BCNF?
— What is outer join?
— What is contention product? Give example
— What is the advantage of a linked list?
— What are phases of HDLC? Explain them.
— What is Borland C or COBOL?
— What is different CPU Scheduling algorithm?
— What is the difference between paging & segmentation?
— What are different kinds of memory?
— How do you connect ORACLE with us?
— What is the difference between page and segment?
— What is normalization? What is the difference between 3NF & BCNF?
— What is a virtual memory?
— What are the 7 layers of OSI?
— Difference between interpreter & compiler.
— What is normalization?
— Pass by Value and Pass by Reference.
— About the project (final year)
— Introduce yourself
— Algorithm of Binary Search.
— What is the difference between C, C++?
— Define inheritance
— Program to swapping two variables without using the third variable.
— Critical section
— Swapping, methods of paging, virtual memory
— Output of a C program, writing a factorial program
— Candidate Key, Super Key, Unique Key.
— What is normalization? Various level integrity constraint? De-normalization?
— Semaphore? Where does it work?
— Shadow – Paging
— Object-oriented model
— Functional overloading
— 6 steps of waterfall model
— Construct XOR using NOT & AND
— Microprocessor 8085/ 8086: Comparison.
— What is the difference between QPSK & BPSK
— What are universal gates?
— What is ASK & FSK?
— What is the difference between Compiler & Assembler?
— Why do you want to join TCS?
— Definition Linear Control System.
— PWM Circuit.
— Single Linked List., double linked list, circular linked list.
— Why is Normalization used?
— What is ER diagram?
— What are the levels in S/W life-cycle?
— What are many – to – many relations? Give a real-life example?
— What is polymorphism?
— What is operator overloading?
— What is taken pass structure?
— What is functional call by reference and cell by value?
— What are the differences between multiprocessing and multiprogramming?
— What are the differences between multi-processing and distributed processing?
— What do you know about TCS?
— What is a project?
— What is a complete tree? What is a directly binary tree?
— What are preorder, in order and post order to travel of a binary search tree?
— Write the preorder method of a given tree
— What is the number of branches in a binary tree with ‘n’ no of nodes?
— How do you insert a node in a circular queue? Write a small procedure to show this [Also show pictorially.]
— How do you sort the following elements using Radix Sort?
100 20 35 50 ?
— What is hashing?
— What are the different types of complexity?
— Which one is better and why?
— Do we consider the time spent by the programs to code an algorithm and its complexity?
— What is SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle )
— What is the basis of object-oriented programming
— What is method overloading?
— Write a part of source code to illustrate inheritance?
— Why do we use method overloading?
— How to join implement polymorphism?

Here Is the Complete PDF Guide for TCS Technical Questions with Answers 2017-18

Complete PDF GUIDE for TCS Technical Interviews

Keep trying for that Give your 100%. Never lose your hope for anyways be confident. All the Best.!!!

Download all TCS Placements Data
Download TCS Placement Paper 2017-18 with Answers

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