Top 5 Best Android apps for Programming  2017

Top 5 Best Android apps for Programming 2017

If you are very passionate about coding & crazy about programming and you want that your android devices, such as smartphones & tablets run very smoothly on anywhere, anytime to do editing with source codes so here are the solutions In that case.

We are going to discuss today that which is the top 5 best android apps and code editors to edit source code in the market for Android phones. so that in which you can write code and test as well without any problems & difficulties.

These all apps you can find easily on the google play store. Let’s Start with Top android apps.

1. Quoda Code editor(4.1 Rating on Google play store)

Quoda Code Editor - Technology shouters

If you want to Code with multi language code editors so Quoda Code editor is the best option free available on the play store. Quoda considered as very powerful and best editor tool for programmings. It has many features we should know these all of them.

1.Provide facilities to syntax highlighting, line bookmarking.
2. Auto suggestion features.
3.uploading your requirements and it offers you a list a variety solutions.
4.find and replace, website source code downloader, you can preview the HTML files.
5. Supported Multiple languages.

2.DroidEdit Editor (4.1 Rating on Google play Store)

DroidEdit free code editor - Technology Shouters

The Second best free Android app that is available on play store that is DroidEdit. Droidedit Editor Mostly famous for its flexibility and rich set of features which supports many programming languages in a row.

Here is Some few of features which provide by DroidEdit Editor.

1. Searching, find & replace, undo and redo feature.
2.It also runs on external commands such as in root mode and SSH.
3.Supports a huge number of languages like C, C++, Python, JAVA, JS, C# and much more.
4.Its pro version is also available on the play store that provides rich features like SFTP, FTP etc. you can buy it for very less price $1.99.

3.920 text editor(4.2 Rating on Google play store)

920 Text Editor - Technology shouters

The 3rd one is 920 text editor. it’s very new app in the market that does not have the rich features like other ones, but still, it provides many features. so you can use for writing source codes, for searching. so you can use it and download it for free from google play store.

Some of the common features provided by 920 text editor:-

1.File histories.
2.It also supports multiple languages such as C, C++, Java, JS, Python and much more.
3.In 920 text editor, you can run the file with root access.
4.line number editor and provides tool bar facility to quick work access.

4.AWD(4.3 Rating on google play Store)

AWD editor - Technology shouters

The 4th one is AWD(Android Web Developer) that provide a rich set of tools same as Quoda. Of course, it’s easy to understand. you can also develope projects in this editor. most of the programmers in the present scenario use this tool.

Here is the features listing for AWD editor:-

1.It used to edit code for PHP, Html, CSS, and JS.
2.Provide features like code highlighting, error detection.
3.It also very helpful for manage remote projects.

5.touchqode (3.8 Rating on Google play store)

touchqode - technology shouters

If you are looking for free code editing app then touchqode is also a great option. Hence it doesn’t support rich sets of features but still, you can go for it. the major advantage of this tool is it uses google analytics to track the codes & you can also enable or disable it as per you want.It generally works as a text editor that commonly integrated with FTP and SFTP clients.


So as a result, you have many options in the market for as a code editor available on the play store. some of them are freely available but some of them are available in pro but those have great sets of features and tools. it all depends on your requirements for use.

Krishna Gupta

Krishna Ballabh Gupta is a Gold Medalist Full Stack Developer & Algorithm Designer and Founder of TechnologyShouters. He generally Blogs about Python, JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS, Database, PHP, AJAX and something that interesting.

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