Top 5 PHP open source trending frameworks with future scope 2018

Top 5 PHP open source trending frameworks with future scope 2018

PHP is one of the most common server-side scripting language generally known for its simplicity, allows to developers to create dynamic web applications easily. PHP has their many frameworks with pre-build modules that gives to developers a platform to create robust, reusable components, and by enabling faster development cycles.

These frameworks use coding standards and development guidelines so help in standardizing the process and stabilizing the product. All PHP frameworks use Model View Controller(MVC) architecture, where the development of the business logic is independent and view and models are separately interlinked with each other.

Advantages of using frameworks :-

— Excellent community support
— Easy to upgrade and maintain the developed applications
— Default Security features such as CSRF Protection and Output Encoding.
— Rapid development using pre-built libraries and frameworks.

List of Top 5 PHP frameworks of 2017-2018 Based on user view and Google Trends.

laravel Symfony CodeIgniter CakePHP Zend Explore Google Trends

laravel Symfony CodeIgniter CakePHP Zend Explore Google Trends

Image source:- Google trends

#1.Laravel(Current Version Laravel 5.5 LTS)

Laravel php framework

Laravel a clear winner in the PHP framework.If you see anywhere comparisons like in Google trends. Excellent community like Laracasta and Laravel news great discussion areas. Day by Day Laravel growing a number of Professional users. One of the Fast and Commonly used by Professional Programmers for Create large scale of web projects and web apps. Laravel has their Excellent Documentation and Largest community.

— MVC architecture (and PHP7)
— Latest Version 5.5 that requird PHP 7
— payment integration with stripe
— very strong encryption packages

Checkout the Laravel Docs

#2. Codeigniter

Codeigniter php framework

Codeigniter is a very easy common and old framework but still used by most of the developers for rapid application development. It’s a lightweight, low-hassle, that can be installed just by uploading it directly to your hosting.For installation in Codeigniter, No special command line or software installation is required. Upload the files and you’re ready to go. Codeigniter comes with many built-in libraries for unit testing, form validation, email, sessions, and many more. Codeigniter has their large scale of community and well Documentation.

— Totally developer friendly Doesn’t need any special dependencies or supports
— Outperforms most other frameworks (non-MVC)
— Good Documentation and easy to use

Download and Information

#3:- Symfony

Symfony a very stable, high performance, well-documented PHP framework. Symfony is used by many of the big companies and big projects like the BBC and open source project such as Drupal and eZpublish.

— Well documented, maintained, and supported
— High performance, provide bytecode caching.

Download and Infomration

#4:- Zend Framework

Zend php framework

Zend Framework is a very popular, a professional framework commonly used for high-performance enterprise-level applications. Build with many security features and generally used for enterprise application so it has many of components for authentication, feeds, forms, services

— large number of components for validation, feeds, and forms
— Ideal for enterprise applications
— not very good for rapid application development.

Zend Framework Documentation

#5: Phalcon

Phalcon php framework

Phalcon is a very fast MVC based PHP framework, Phalcon developed in 2012 and includes ORM, MVC, caching, and auto-loading components. Its latest and first long-term support release includes support for PHP 7. Phalcon is used for building both performance REST APIs, as well as web applications.

— fast with low overheads
— MVC and ORM
— Autoloading
— Caching

Download and Information

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