Top 5 SSH clients for windows with Graphical Interface for free

Top 5 SSH clients for windows with Graphical Interface for free

Top 5 SSH clients for windows for free and easy to use

#1. PuTTY

PUTTY developed originally by Simon Tatham and it’s a popular SSH, SFTP client, and telnet to Windows. It is generally used for remote access to server computers over a network using the SSH protocol.

Putty is open source also available for Ubuntu systems. just you need to install the putty from Ubuntu software manager.

you can download putty from here.

Download Link 1

Download link 2

#2. Bitvise

Bitvise SSH Client is an SSH and SFTP client for Windows. Developed by Bitvise The SSH Client is robust, easy to install, easy to use, and supports all features supported by PuTTY, as well as the following:

— SFTP file transfer Graphically.
— Remote Desktop tunneling
— auto-reconnecting feature.

Download here :- Get it

#3:- VanDyke Software

VanDyke Software supports telnet, Secure Shell (SSH), and SFTP.

Download it now

#4:- WinSCP

Winscp is a free open source Windows client for generally file transfers. In addition to file transfer (with FTP, SFTP, or SCP protocols.

— Graphical user interface
— Runs on Microsoft Windows also available for mac.
— you can share the session profile files with PuTTY.

#5.Tectia SSH

Tectia SSH is a commercially supported SSH client for enterprises, with 24×7 full support.

Download Tectia SSH Client for Windows

–Professional support & maintenance, including 24×7.
–Support for SSH key management.
–Fully compatible with the SSH standard and interoperable with OpenSSH.

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