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An Overview

In this Scenario of Web Technologies, How fast and Secure application you can write Or code, It’s very tight and beautiful challenge for Web Developers and Programmers nowadays. Fast application, means you can say how reactive your application is.

Today We all can see every day there is new programming language is coming in the Software Industry and especially Developers are Working hard to write more secure and Fast Programming languages day by day.

Dynamic Languages

Dynamic Languages are very in-demanding in the Current market if you are a beginner and you want to learn a new programming language so Dynamic languages would be very best in that case. Dynamic languages generally flexible and secure as well and also It provides some tools line So now you can write less code and you will get many functionalities with them. you can quickly build any app from scratch also.

So, Here I am going to tell you the Top 5 Most In-Demand Web Programming languages. We can filter several languages based on their In-Demand future scope, Stability, and features.


JavaScript is the most commonly used Web programming language in the world. If we are talking about web future so we can observe day by day Javascript is going popular in the Software Industry.

  • JS is the now Backbone of Web.
  • Fast response.
  • Open Source framework.
  • It can be used as front end and backend also.
  • Contains Many liraries for different purposes
  • In Past several years, We are observing that MEAN Combinations are become famous now “MEAN” means M for MongoDB(NoSQL database), E for Express framework, A for AngularJS for Frontend uses. and N for NodeJS for Backend Development.

    Nodejs are become very popular now and easy to learn we can see in upcoming years JavaScript has very secure Futuroscope. as NodeJS is one of the most backend programming language and for creating WebAPIs.

    Download Nodejs from here Nodejs Official site

    AngularJs Is the fast front end javascript library mostly used in the world now. the latest version of AngularJS is Angular4. it’s google product and has a great feature like all in one framework Mobile & desktop. as its name describing we don’t need to write different applications for mobile, desktops, and other devices.

    Download Angularjs from here AngularJS Official site

    Now It’s a totally very big challenge for Developers that how good and fast algorithms they can write in the terms of quality.

    Learn Javascript from here JavaScript Official Website


    PHP is one of the most commonly used and famous web programming languages. especially if we are talking about the web so PHP is the must. As recently in December 2016, PHP has launched their latest version 7.1 with big security features.

    Many of the famous and popular websites are Intially build in PHP language like Facebook and wikipidia and many more.

    PHP has their several features to become famous here it is:-

    • Very easy to learn if you have good basic skills
    • Totally Opensource platforms
    • MVC(Model, view and controller) & OOPS(Object Oriented) Based Supported Frameworks
    • Comes with alots of Pre build Secure frameworks like Laravel, Zend, CackePHP and many more
    • PHP is very popular for their CMS (Content Management systems) like WordPress , Joomla and Drupal
    • Easy to build Ecommerce platforms

    Best Site to learn PHP PHP offical and from W3schools

    3.JSP(Java Server Pages)

    JSP(Java Server pages) technology is used to create Secure web application just like Servlet technology in Java EE(Enterprise Editions).

    Generally A JSP page we can say consists of HTML tags and JSP tags. The JSP pages are very easier to maintain than a servlet page just because we can separate designing part and development part.

    JSP Technology mostly used in Banking applications to make secure pages to provide the high level of security.

    Some Technical Points over JSP Benefits:-

    • Fast development no need to deploy and recomile everytime
    • Less code than Servlet Technology
    • Easy for Maintanance and Secure

    Best Sites for Learn JSP JSP Tutorials

    4.Ruby on Rails

    ROR(Ruby on Rails) is a truly Object-oriented like Smalltalk, Ada, Java. and gaining very popularity now in the US and many other countries and actually originated in Japan. it categorized in a high-level programming language.

    Ruby provides a programming platform called ERB (Embedded Ruby), Authored by Seki Masatoshi. ERB allows putting Ruby codes inside HTML Code.

    • Easy to learn and extend
    • Rich libraries sets
    • Completly Object oriented with helpful and great community

    Although we have many big reasons to use ROR, few of drawbacks are like performance issues and It does not Support Native thread model.

    Here is the guides over Ruby on Rails ROR Guides

    5.Html5 and CSS3

    HTML5 used for Create Website Skeleton with great updated features and CSS3 for Styling the elements and create the animations on Elements to the website looks great.

    This Software industry moves nowadays fast—really fast with many updates and changes. So we need to careful with these updates to grow faster.

    With HTML5 we just Structured the Website format and it’s skelton. Here you can find the HTML5 new elements
    HTML5 New elemnts Guide

    HTML5 also supports to create Canvas Read more about HTML5 Canvas. and here you can read Read about HTML5 SVG.

Krishna Gupta

Krishna Ballabh Gupta is a Gold Medalist Full Stack Developer & Algorithm Designer and Founder of TechnologyShouters. He generally Blogs about Python, JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS, Database, PHP, AJAX and something that interesting.

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